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February 7, 2020

Open Position: Hardwood Floor Installer/Refinishing Technician/Apprentice

Responsibilities Include:

  • Providing high-quality flooring to a variety of clients
  • Ensuring the structural integrity of all floors
  • Demolition, finishing, layout, repair, replacement of all floors
  • Installing unfinished and finished flooring without damage
  • Advising customers on proper flooring care and maintenance
  • Handling carpentry trim work with walls and doors

Skills Required:

  • Ability to identify and know how to work with different types of flooring materials
  • Ability to use hand tools including tape measure and chalk line
  • Ability to use equipment and tools unique to each type of flooring being sanded {floor refinishing}
  • Ability to address small carpentry and trim related issues including planing door bottoms {floor installer}
  • Ability to work on hands and knees to install/refinish flooring products
  • Ability to layout flooring projects before installation starts
  • Ability to stain & finish floor {floor refinishing}
  • Must be able to follow instructions
  • Must have a driving license
  • Must be able to pass a DOT physical

Starting Pay: $14+ depending on experience

If you are interested and qualified for this position, please send your resume to Mike Ferrelli at mike@eastcoastwoodfloors.com.

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